Install System Center Endpoint Protection in SCCM 2012 RC1

To integrate Endpoint Protection in SCCM 2012 RC1, there is no need to install with a specific setup. You only need to activate the SCCM Site Role “Endpoint protection point”. With it, the integration is once again easier than before. This blog will show the single steps, how to install “Endpoint Protection” in SCCM 2012 RC1.:

  1. In the SCCM Console on the tab (wunderbar) “Administration” go to your site server, click on “Servers and Site System Roles” . Right click on your site server –> “Add Site System Roles”
  2. Enter the FQDN of your site server and click “Next”
  3. Now activate the role “Endpoint protection point” and click “Next”


  4. Accept the License agreement and click “Next”
  5. Choose one of the Endpoint Protection Membership Type… in this example  “Basic” –> Click “Next”
  6. Click “Next”
  7. Click “Close”

That’s it! Endpoint Protection Point is activated and directly integrated into SCCM 2012!

In a further blog I will show you the client settings for endpoint protection!

See you!


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