SCCM 2012 – Delete Application – Dependency Problem



You have an application “MS001”, which depends on the application “Java” (so the application Java has to be installed before installing application “MS001”). Now you like to delete the application “Java”, because it was just a test application…

You know, that you have to delete at first the deployment of the application “Java” and the dependency on the deployment type of the application “MS001” –> otherwise you receive the message “cannot delete the application because other applications or task sequences reference it or it is configured as a deployment”.



You have deleted the dependency and the deployment but you receive ANYWAY the message above Trauriges Smiley. The “problem” is, that SCCM 2012 creates for every change on an application a REVISION! So the revisions of the application “MS001” still have the dependency to the application “Java”!

If you need to know which Revisions exactly you can find it out:

“Try” to delete the Deployment Type of the application “Java” –> this will show the following message:


You can see, that the REVISIONS 2 and 3 of the referencing application still have the dependency!

Right click on the application, where the dependency is configured (Application “MS001” and choose „Revision History“



You can see that this application has 5 Revisions… delete at least the 2 and 3—> and now, it should be possible to delete the application “Java”…

Good luck!


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