OSD for Dell e7440 / e7240 – NIC Driver Problem / KMDF Update

The OS Deployment for the hardware models “Dell Latitude E7440” and “Dell Latitude E7240” is full of pitfalls. O.k., two things are a little bit special (I think the same will be for other hardware vendors):

  • NIC Driver from Dell Homepage not working
  • OSD error while installing drivers –> Kernel Mode Driver Framework (KMDF) Update needed (error: Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows click OK to restart the computer, and then restart the installation)

NIC Driver e7440 / e7240
Normally it’s no problem to download the Dell provided CAB file with all needed WinPE drivers (actually version A12). The drivers in the CAB file have all NIC and storage drivers for all Dell models needed for WinPE. Unfortunately, the two models e7440 and e7240 will not work with the actual WinPE CAP file A12 v1.0.
Download the CAB here: Download File

You have to download the NIC drivers directly from Intel and integrate them in the WinPE (I created a new WinPE with all A12 drivers PLUS the intel drivers…) :

Download NIC Drivers

Download the PROWinx64.exe file (or x86 if 32-bit WinPE)

  • Extract the exe file with a ZIP-Tool like 7Zip
  • Copy the “.\Pro1000\Winx64” folder (only Winx64 needed) to your winpe drivers (I have a folder under my driver directory for WINPE\A12)
  • Import the drivers into SCCM and add them directly to the WinPE AND the Driverpackage of these models (I have only one driver package for e7440 and e7240).

KMDF Update

To install all drivers while OSD, you need to install first the KMDF Update KB2685811. Otherwise you will receive the following error:
”Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows click OK to restart the computer, and then restart the installation”

BUT this update has to be installed before installing the drivers! Hmmm, not so easy Smiley. You can do it with the following steps:

  1. Download the KMDF Update
  2. Extract the downloaded MSU File (with 7Zip or similar)
  3. In SCCM, create a new package with the extracted files as source. Only a package without a program. We only need these files on the distribution point.
  4. Deploy the package to your distribution points (DP)

    Now edit your Task Sequence of the Windows 7 deployment

  5. Add two new “CommandLines” BEFORE the step “Setup Windows and ConfigMgr”


  6. The first Commandline “Create ScratchDir for KMDF 1.1”:
    CommandLine: cmd.exe /c mkdir %OS%\Scratch

    Important: %OS% is the variable of your partitioning task (if you use there variables) –> System Partition



  7. Second CommandLine “MS KB2685811 KMDF 1.1 x64” will integrate the KB with DISM into your windows image:
    CommandLine: cmd.exe /c X:\windows\system32\dism.exe /ScratchDir:%OS%\Scratch /Image:%OS%\ /Add-Package /PackagePath:%_SMSTSMDataPath%\Packages\S0100165\Windows6.1-KB2685811-x64.cab

    Important: %OS% is again the system partition variable. The „S0100165“ is the package ID of the KMDF package!
    Enable the checkbox “Package” and choose your KMDF package.


Don’t forget to plan this integration for your next Image creation –> integrate it in your “Create Image” Task Sequence!

Thanks to the deploymentramblings BLOG where I found important informations for the KMDF integration (LINK)

Kind regards


  1. Narcotic

    You don’t have to use packageid on the path, you can simply use %CD% (current directory)

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