Only display the private store within the Windows Store app (Windows 10, 1511)

A lot of customers are interested to use the Microsoft Business Store for Windows 10, a private store hosted by Microsoft (description about the business store you can find here: Implement Microsoft Windows Store for Business and Windows 10 Mobile). One of the first question is always: Can we disable the Microsoft Store APP but enable the Business Store, where we can manage the APPs? The answer is: YES, you can Smile –> you cannot disable the Store APP, because the Windows Store and the Business Store are the same APP (Business store only adds an additional menu when logged in with a Workplace or School Account). But you can configure the APP to only show your business store menu which is described in this post.


There is a Windows 10 GPO setting available “Only display the private store within the Windows Store app”, which is placec under “Machine\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Stores”. BUT, with the GPO files from Windows 10 1511, the setting is not working. It is changing the Registry Key “HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsStore\RequirePrivateStoreOnly”, which has no impact for the Store APP Sad smile.

But here you’ll find the registry value, which will configure the Windows Store APP the right way:

Change / Create the following Registry Key:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PolicyManager\default\ApplicationManagement\RequirePrivateStoreOnly –> Create REG_DWORD with name “value” = 1


Value = 0 will show the Microsoft and the Private Store (Business Store) if logged in with a Workplace or School Account



Value = 1 will show only the Private Store (Business Store)


With this configuration, you can add the Store APPs to your Business Store like a Whitelisting. The user can install the APPs from the Business Store with his Domain Account without the need of a Microsoft Account (provided, you’re synchronizing your Active Directory Accounts to the Microsoft Azure)

Have fun with the Private Store!


      • Günther

        Thanks a lot, hope it’ll work without the necessity of a full intune license. Currently we only have access to the mdm bundled with o365’s E-plans.

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