Add LOB APP to your Microsoft Business Store–the 72 hour cycle

If you have your own business APP and you like to deploy it to your Microsoft Business Store (, four main steps are needed… AND a little bit patience Smile.

Short version:


And here you’ll find all the steps:

The prerequisite is, that you invite your developer to upload LOB Apps to your business store:

  • Invite your developer with his “Company Microsoft Developer Account” to your business store




Here the needed steps to deploy the APP to your Business Store (private store):

  • The developer will receive an email to accept the invitation. After accepting it, he is able to upload APPs to your store
  • 24 hours after his upload to your store, the APP is visible for the store admin in your business store: «Manage» – «New LOB apps»


Important: An uploaded LOB App is only visible for the Store “Admin” and the “Global Admin” and not for a delegated “Purchaser” (you can delegate permissions through “Settings” – “Permissions”!

  • From there you can add the APP now to the inventory: «Add to inventory»


  • 24 hours later you can add it from your inventory to your private store: «Manage» – «Inventory» – go to your APP and in the column «Actions» click «Add to private store». In the image you can see, that it’s greyed out because the 24 hours are not yet over.


  • 24 hours later you will see the APP in your private store

    (still in progress)

    (here it’s done)

NOW the users can connect to the business store and install the LOB App!

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